If you watch different TV shows you will notice that a ton of talented people come from our neighborhoods and that makes me extremely happy. We found out on Patch.com that Tyler Scheuer from Newtown is a very talented man that is using his talent to get himself a good amount of money.

According to Patch.com, on Thursday, Tyler Scheuer, will be on TBS Go-Big Show to showcase his talent and try to win a whopping $100,000. Scheuer doesn't just have a whatever type of talent. This young man balances some very random and oversized objects on his face.

We learned from Patch.com that the Newtown Grant resident discovered his talent when he was just 11 years old. Scheuer realized he had this insane talent when he first balanced a baseball bat on his nose. Tyler Scheuer told Patch.com that his motto is, "If I can lift it, I can balance it." If I was to try balancing anything on my nose I guarantee you it would not end well.

Usually, people say "practice makes perfect," well, for Scheuer things don't work that way. The Bucks County resident told Patch.com that he practices "Zero minutes a year." That is pretty interesting. No practice at all and you can still do all that crazy balancing stuff.

It was stated on Patch.com that The Go-Big Show casting agents were actually the ones that reached out to Tyler Scheuer to be part of an audition. As they say, "things happen when you least expect it."

Tyler Scheuer will be on The Go-Big Show on TBS on Thursday at 9 pm, according to Patch.com

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