Every month seems worse than the last if you're a commuter who relies on the NJ Transit trains. I just saw on NJ.com that NJ Transit canceled 17 trains this morning. The trains were cancelled because of a "lack of engineers to operate them,"  "lack of equipment" and mechanical problems.

Commuters have been posting all over social media about their frustrations with the trains almost daily. This morning was no different.

Commuters who rely on these trains have been very vocal about their feelings towards NJT and not much has changed. It's been getting worse. I know my brother commuted to New York City for +5 years, and he couldn't take it anymore. He recently landed a new job closer to home in New Jersey and I already know his quality of life will skyrocket because of the shorter commute to work. He'll also be saving money (bye bye monthly NJT pass), hours of his day won't be spent waiting for trains that eventually come and only to be overcrowded. The amount of time he'll gain back during the workweek will be priceless.

If you want to laugh: during my search for tweets on NJT, I came across this NSFW Twitter account, known as F**kNjTransit. Some of my favorite hashtags that they use are: #NJTSummerOfHell, #GarbageServiceOfNJTransit, and #NJTHell. If you'd like to follow and/or read their tweets you can here.

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