According to Newser, police officers may not be pulling cars over for minor offenses anymore.

The bill was passed earlier this month and now, the Mayor of Philadelphia just needs to sign it. Once it's signed, it will mean that a police officer will no longer stop a car for a traffic violation like visible tags that may have expired.

If an officer does see something like this, an officer can still mail a ticket out. But, police officers will only stop a car when the safety of the public is in jeopardy.

Councilman Isaiah Thomas wrote the bill due to the fact that many black people are pulled over for minor offenses and then the stop escalates into the driver being shot by police.

For more information about this bill, please refer to this article from Newser.

Take it from a police officer's wife, right now is an extremely stressful time being a police officer.

Police officers get no respect, even the good ones. People assume all cops are bad. They are ridiculed even when they are doing good and trying to keep the community safe.

There are still good police officers out in the world. Trust me, my husband is one of them. It's not an easy job by any means and is extremely dangerous. But, he took an oath to uphold the law and protect his community, no matter what people say.

People just need to pay a little more attention to what they are doing and realize they may be in fact breaking the law. As long as you're courteous to police officers, more than likely they'll be courteous to you.

This law may be a growing trend among cities especially ones with high crime rates. It may in fact keep everyone a little safer. Police officers and civilians.

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