Mercer County is in search of deserving Mercer County women to give its annual Woman of Achievement Awards to, according to TAPinto Hamilton/Robbinsville.

Do you know anyone who should be nominated? Is there someone in your life that's making a difference in her community through volunteer work.

Mercer County Executive Brian M. Hughes and the Mercer County Commission on the Status of Women are calling on everyone in the community to recognize the women who are doing good, the article states.

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There will be two awards given out. The Woman of Achievement and Young Woman of Achievement.

Have someone in mind?

Here are a few requirements:

*She must be very community minded. She must be a Mercer County permanent resident for at the least the last three years.

*She has to have volunteered or is currently volunteering in Mercer County.

*She has to have volunteered in the same organization for at least one year.

*Her volunteer work can't be linked at all to her paid job.

To nominate a Woman of Achievement, click HERE. To nominate a Young Woman of Achievement, click HERE. Keep in mind, the young woman must go to a high school in Mercer County.

You don't have too much longer to nominate someone, so do it quickly. The deadline for nominations is Monday, December 12th.

The awards will be handed out in March at a reception at Mercer Oaks Clubhouse in West Windsor Township.

For more information on these awards, feel free to get in touch with Adrienne Hart at (609) 989-6526 or email

Good luck to the nominees.

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