PennDOT announced that they will be repairing numerous potholes in Bucks County this week.

They will be sending out contractor crews to state highways and major roads across the Philadelphia Region for maintenance.

It is that time of year when potholes start to appear. So how exactly are potholes formed? Well, potholes basically are a result of freezing water/snow that seeps into the pavement and basically crack the surface. Then everyday traffic causes the ground to form holes. Cities will send crews to then fix the hole by cleaning out the debris and then filling the hole with an asphalt patch.

Filling these potholes sounds amazing to us because honestly last thing people want to deal with in the cold weather is hitting on of these holes and having to deal with a flat tire. However repairing potholes are only a temporary fix until the road can be fully paved over when the warmer weather occurs.

Check out where the pothole repairs will take place in Bucks County via PennDOT below:

Bucks County

  • U.S.1 in Morrisville Borough;
  • Route 32 (River Rd) in Solebury and Plumstead townships;
  • U.S. 202 in Buckingham and Solebury townships;
  • Route 213 (Maple Avenue) in Middletown Township;
  • Route 332 (Afton Avenue) in Yardley Borough;
  • Route 309 (Bethlehem Pike) in Quakertown and Milford townships;
  • Route 532 (Washington Crossing Road) in Upper Makefield Township;
  • Route 611 (Durham Rad) in Durham and Nockamixon townships;
  • Route 663 (John Fries Highway) in Richland Township;
  • Lincoln Highway in Falls Township;
  • Old Lincoln Highway in Penndel Borough;
  • Pennsylvania Ave in Morrisville Borough;
  • Bath Road in Bristol and Falls townships, and Bristol Borough;
  • Oxford Valley Road in Bristol and Falls townships, and Bristol Borough;
  • Woodbourne Road in Middletown Township;
  • Hood Boulevard in Falls Township;
  • Penn Valley Road in Falls Township;
  • Trenton Road in Falls Township;
  • Fallsington/Tullytown Road in Falls Township;
  • Big Oak Road in Lower Makefield and Falls townships;
  • Yardley Morrisville Road/Pine Grove Road in Lower Makefield Township;
  • Oxford Valley Road/ Heacock Road in, Falls, Bristol, and Lower Makefield townships and Bristol Borough;
  • Wrightstown Road in Upper Makefield Township;
  • Stoney Hill Road in Lower Makefield Township;
  • Stoopville Road in Newtown Township;
  • Main Street in Hulmeville Borough;
  • Trenton Road in Middletown Township;
  • Bristol Road in Warminster and Warwick townships;
  • Mearns Road in Warwick Township;
  • Almshouse Road in Warwick Township;
  • Street Road in Warrington Township;
  • Mechanicsville Road in Buckingham and Solebury townships;
  • Green Hill Road in Solebury Township; and
  • Giegel Hill Road Nockamixion Township

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