Are you a last minute shopper? I used to be, until my family decided we were all going to scale back and not get as many gifts for each other. A few people I am not buying gifts for at all. So it's lowered my stress level significantly. I am not a procrastinator by any means, but it was always so hard trying to figure out what to get everyone. If you're a last minute shopper though, don't stress. According to NBC News, you can still order from a handful of stores, get your gifts in time for Christmas and even get free shipping.

  • Amazon- This one shouldn't surprise you. You must be a Prime member and order by Sunday or Monday
  • Walmart- You have to order today in order to get free shipping. Two day delivery if you place your order by Sunday at 2pm and if you spend $35 you'll get free shipping.
  • Target- Order by 1pm today.
  • Apple- Order before 5pm today.

So get on it people. Order your gifts so they're here for your loved ones. Maybe next year you'll be ahead of the game and not have to worry about this.

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