If you ordered anything on Prime Day on Tuesday or Wednesday, you may want to check the boxes your products came in. Nothing to worry about, don't panic, there's actually a good thing to look out for. Amazon wants you to have a little fun this Halloween season since the pandemic is putting a damper on Halloween fun. According to CNN, Amazon is shipping your items in a box that is not only eco friendly, but fun too as they'll have a white pumpkin on them. You're supposed to use your artistic ability of any kind to decorate the pumpkin. Draw a face or even just color it in. Then once you're satisfied with your pumpkin design, you go to the app store and download the Amazon Augmented Reality App. With the app, your pumpkin is going to come to life.

I didn't order as much as I thought I would on Amazon Prime Day. We needed a few things for our house and they were on sale, so I bought those, but I tried not to overspend and I was pretty proud of myself. I felt like my husband was watching me on the sly too. Our items came in yesterday and my husband took everything out of the box before I could even look at the box. I'm sure we'll be ordering more items though, and I'm excited to try the app. What a cute idea by Amazon.

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