It's safe to say we have the coolest Governor on the planet. There are many reasons why no one is a better fit to be the governor of New Jersey than Phil Murphy. However, the main reason is that he tells it like it is and isn't afraid to put people in their place when it comes to defending the Garden State.

Most recently Murphy clapped back at another governor over one of the things New Jersey doesn't mess around about- Pizza. The Governor of Connecticut took to Twitter to brag about his state having "the best pizza." Gov. Ned Lamont had quote tweeted a stat on how 6 pizzerias in Connecticut were included on the Daily Meal’s list of “101 Best Pizzas in America”.

Side note: only four New Jersey pizzerias made the list, but who cares. That didn't stop our governor from throwing some shade. According to, Gov. Phil Murphy responded to Lamont's tweet by saying,"Stay in your lane, Ned.”

It is worth noting that last year New Jersey had six pizzerias make the Daily Meal's list of “101 Best Pizzas in America”. It's not like our pizza has gotten progressively worst in the past 12 months No way! So even though, Connecticut did snag the number one spot, everyone knows who is universally known for the best pizza. No one ever says Connecticut. When you think "pizza" you always think New York or New Jersey. And it'll stay that way thank you very much!


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