Summer is pretty much done and over with now and it really hurts to say that. You'll probably miss the beach food and all that good stuff but there's actually a really cool thing that can probably keep the beach vibes going coming to Bucks County.

The famous Playa Bowls from Belmar is making its way to Newtown, PA. Doesn't that make you extremely excited? We are definitely super happy about it.

According to, the Playa Bowls is going to be built at the Village at Newtown shopping center. This location is actually not the first one in Bucks County. mentioned that there is also one in Doylestown. If you are from Newtown, that is somewhat of a hike. We know we all hate driving too much.

When the store in Newtown opens up it will be Playa Bowls’ 66th location. No set date on when the store will open but according to it will be in one of the new buildings that is currently under construction.

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