Princeton's Terra Momo Bread Company is opening another location at the Trenton Farmer's Market, and it sounds like it will be soon.

The new store will be located "just off the center of the Market in the East wing. Across from Lady and the Shallot and next to King Foods. They’ve been busy replacing the floor, ceiling, painting, etc. in anticipation of equipment deliveries," according to the Trenton Farmer's Market Facebook page. I was reading through the comments and everyone seems very excited about their arrival. Sounds like they also appear at the West Windsor Community Market. I can't wait to try some of their goodies.

Terra Momo Bread Company, located at 74 Witherspoon Street, is described as "true old-world artisan bakery," on their website. They have handcrafted french pastries, artisan breads, individual pizzas, and so much more.

I was just at the Trenton Farmer's Market, right before Easter to buy flowers, and I have to say it seems like there is new life there. There were new stores and booths, and lots of people. Seems like the new manager is doing good. I hope it continues because it's a great place to shop.



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