Looking for something different and fun to do?  I've got a suggestion from Visit Princeton. Grab your friends and go on Princeton's Toast to the Town Walking Tour.

What is this tour all about, you ask...let me fill you in.  It's an hour and a half walking tour around Princeton. You'll learn about its history, and hear stories about famous people that have lived there, and all of the cool things that have happened there over the years.

Princeton Tour Company says you'll "learn about the fascinating lives of famous Princetonians, from idealistic Founding Fathers to everybody’s favorite bookish bad boy, F. Scott Fitzgerald. Sneak a peek at their beautiful homes, stroll past their favorite haunts and pass through the ivy-clad arches of Princeton’s campus as you learn all about the scandals, secrets, feuds and obsessions that shaped history and our quaint, little town. Why is Einstein’s residence unmarked? What’s the secret to getting your kid into their dream school? We have answers to (almost all of) your questions!"

After all the walking, they figured you'd be thirsty, so the last stop of the tour is The Dinky Bar & Kitchen, where you'll get a free glass of Prosecco.

For more info, and to sign up, click HERE.

Have fun.

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