RBF is a very common and popular saying used to describe a female’s natural facial expression that may look angry, annoyed or sad. If you aren’t familiar with the term know that although it’s a facial expression that expresses anger or annoyance, it is typically unintentional. In other words when the individual is relaxed, resting, or not showing any particular emotion this is how they look.

According to New York Post, there's actually a doctor in the New York City area that is a double board-certified plastic surgeon looking to help women change their appearance to look more approachable and not have RBF.

Dr David Shafer mentioned to NYpost.com that, “This is actually a common request from patients — I get several each week.”

NJ Resident, Hope Davis, is a lady who is tried of looking mad in pictures and decided to search for help in getting rid of the RBF in order to get a “pleasant resting look.”

You’re probably wondering how they remove RBF. Well, techniques such as fillers or sometimes Botox are used throughout the process to alter one’s resting face. NYPost.com mentioned that while the procedure takes 10-20 minutes, it can cost between $500-$5,000 depending on the number of shots.

While RBF has been around for years, requests for the procedure “more than doubled” over the last year, Shafer mentioned to NYPost.com.

The NYC doctor also mentioned to New York Post that the Kardashian's have a big part to do with this since they popularized the whole Botox movement.

Would you spend $500+ to look more approachable? Or would you just keep your natural face to keep the weirdos from hitting on you?

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