It's tough to begin a new chapter of anything, but I have to say, when I graduated from Rider University, that was pretty tough. Knowing that I was graduating with a degree, but not sure what I was going to do next was a little scary to me, but I was lucky enough to only have to wait two years to get a job with PST, and here I am 7 years later!

Rider University was filled with many wonderful things I miss and most were right on campus! People thought it was interesting that a University had a Pub on campus, but let me tell you, it was popular and it was fun! The Pub looked like an old Irish Pub and the best part is, when you graduate, you got to carve your name in some wood and there your name stayed for years and years to come. Back on March, Rider announced that the Pub and Cranberry's Dining Hall would be undergoing major renovations. The Pub's renovations will be finished November 2nd.

This made so many alumni wonder, "what's going to happen to all the wood where we carved our names all those years ago?" Well, Rider is having a big party this Friday, where everyone will say Goodbye to The Pub, and get to see their names in the wood, before it's preserved.

According to an email blast I received, The Rider Pub's send off party will be from 7-9:30pm this Friday for Alumni and their guests. There will be a cash bar, food trucks, and even a bonfire and fireworks at the end of the night. You can register here.  

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