UPDATE: The DRJBTC has delayed construction plans which would have caused serious delays on I-295 between Mercer County, NJ, and Bucks County, PA.

They say the weather is to blame for the delay in their construction schedule. It will be rescheduled, but the exact date of that was not immediately announced.

It's all part of a construction project, which was originally scheduled to take place during the height of Friday afternoon's busy rush hour. At the time they said that it would las through much of the day into Saturday as well, though.

The plan called for I-295 Northbound to be reduced to a single lane (which is down from the usual three lanes). It'll happen from the Bear Tavern Road interchange (Exit 75) through the bridge.

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The project, which was expected to start around 10 am on Friday and last through much of the day on Saturday, would back up much of the rush hour.

In a press release, originally issued on Monday, officials were warning of delays of up to two miles during the rush hour commute, which means you could be stuck there for more than an hour, they say.

Whenever it happens, there are some alternative travel options. The most notable suggestion, perhaps, is to use the Route 1 toll bridge (known as the Trenton-Morrisville Bridge).

You should avoid the Washington Crossing Bridge because that bridge is always delayed during weekday evening commutes as traffic alternates across that narrow passage.

As for what exactly, they're doing in this round of construction, officials are repairing a road-surface bump on the approach to the bridge.

Meanwhile, 94.5 PST's Gianna thinks that the Calhoun Street Bridge is the most terrifying bridge in the entire state. Do you agree? Sound off here and let her know.

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