Even though coronavirus cases are going down in our area, some attractions are still happening with restrictions. Masks are also still required pretty much everywhere and social distancing is still highly recommended. I get it, and I know not a lot of people do, but if we want this pandemic to 'get better' and get our lives somewhat bag to normal, we have to follow the rules. It's funny to say that,  but I feel like people need to hear it. Follow the rules so we can squash this pandemic. There are, however, things that you can do safely and still have a good time.

Dinosaurs are coming to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in September. According to their website, Jurassic Quest is bringing it's dinosaurs for you and your family to see on September 4th and will stay in Philadelphia until September 13th. You get to see and learn more about dinosaurs from the safety of your own car. You can bring your own car and pay $49 and fit as many people as safely as you can.  If you want to bring even more people, but don't have the room in your car, you can rent a vehicle for $80 that will fit 9-15 people. There are even extras you can add onto your experience that will include dinosaur surprises. Everything will be done completely safe and socially distant. If you know someone who loves dinosaurs or just running out of things to do with the kids, check out this awesome experience.

For more info about an event that could be one of the highlights of your summer, click here.

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