Snow Snow Snow!!!

 I don’t know about you guys, but I’m looking forward to a winter wonderland!  I love being able to truly enjoy the holiday season with all of the things that are supposed to come with it. You know…big coats, uggs, over sized sweaters, and snow! It seems like we are looking at snowfall starting way earlier than expected!

 According to our area is supposed to get hit with the first bit of snow on Friday, November 8th! It was originally said that we weren’t going to have a white holiday at all, but this forecast is saying otherwise! Meteorologist were initially saying that it would not start snowing until maybe the end of January, which would suck, but mother nature herself has other plans. Although we are just supposed to get light snow showers it’s still snow nonetheless. Does this mean forecasters were completely wrong and we are going to get a bunch of snowstorms this holiday season? Who knows, but I will sure keep you guys updated.

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