Starbucks fans, you'll love this. Another location is being planned to open in Hamilton Township, according to Jersey Digs.

This is great news if you don't live close to the other new one in town on White Horse Avenue. The Hamilton Zoning Board of Adjustment will be hearing the plans to build the new location in the Clover Square Shopping Center (on Sloan Avenue and Quakerbridge Road).

Clover Square Shopping Center
Google Maps

The hearing will take place on April 23rd, via a Zoom meeting at 1pm. A Zoom meeting... that's very 2020, isn't it?

The plan is for it to be a stand-alone location, with a drive-thru, according to the site plan.

It looks like that shopping center, where Risoldi's grocery store was for many years, is going to be undergoing a lot of changes. A First Watch restaurant is planned for the space too.

I'll keep you posted.

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