Thinking back to my prom and high school graduation, I remember it being a huge deal. From making sure I found the perfect dress, and then making sure I passed all my finals, it was a very stressful time. It was stressful, but fun. I remember how proud my parents were and I'll always remember how I felt on prom night and graduation night. There were feelings of happiness, sadness, and accomplishment. I can't imagine being a high school senior in the year 2020. Having graduations and proms canceled must have been devastating. Thankfully, most proms were rescheduled and graduations have been happening outdoors with social distancing guidelines. But, I know many high school seniors that thought they wouldn't be able to put on their cap and gown or wear their prom dress and that must have been devastating. They could put on their dresses and tuxedos and take pictures on their IPhones, but why would you when you've got amazing photographers like Candy Manning?

6abc reported, Candy Manning is a photographer from Philadelphia who is offering high school seniors the chance to show off their prom looks, for free. Students can put on their cap and gown or their prom attire and get a socially distant session for free and you just pay for the pictures you want. I checked out her website and this deal is legit. She calls it Project Save Prom 2020 and i think this is fabulous!

For more info, please reach out to Candids by Candy. You must make an appointment, so that everyone can stay socially distant and safe.

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