There have been stores that were deemed essential and were not closed down when COVID-19 restrictions were put in place a year ago. These essential stores became so important to the public to get what they needed for their families. Whether it was cleaning supplies, masks, or food to stock up on, these stores and store workers made it possible for our society to keep functioning. I know I relied on Target and Aldi and Costco to get the essentials my family needed during the pandemic and I was always as courteous as possible to the people who worked in these stores. Just like doctors and nurses, these essential workers risked exposure to COVID-19 when they went into work every day. Fox 29 reports that target has decided to reward their employees for all their hard work with a $500 bonus. Some employees that hold higher positions may even receive bonuses of us to $2,000. Read more about Target's efforts during the pandemic by clicking here.

I know a lot of businesses are hurting right now, but I believe if businesses are doing well, they should give their employees compensation for working during the pandemic. Some of us have been going into work since the pandemic started. Some people have been working in grocery stores, and other stores like Target, and some have had to go to warehouses, and there are a bunch of jobs that workers are not able to stay home and do. Plus, many of these jobs require exposure to the public and other coworkers. This puts people at risk at a time where some people are extremely nervous to even go out in public. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely grateful for my job and the compensation I already receive, but I would be super happy with just a little bit extra. I mean wouldn't everyone?

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