The official unofficial start of summer is just days away and for many people, that means a trip to the Jersey Shore.  That got us thinking, "What is the best beach on the Jersey Shore?"

We posed that question on our Facebook page and as you would expect, there were many opinions on the subject.

Many people mentioned Point Pleasant.  One person named Bill said it was "no competition."


Michelle chose Holgate because of the shuttle service.  Meanwhile, Caroline said that Brick Beach was the "best kept secret on the Jersey Shore."

Debbie and her significant disagree.  "I adore Ocean City. He adores North Wildwood."  Another poster named Jaime had a very personal reason for choosing Wildwood --- it's where she just got engaged.

Seaside Heights and Seaside Park both got several mentions, as did Island Beach State Park.  And there were more than a handful of people who were frustrated by the beach fees imposed on many of the state's beaches.  Maryann bluntly stated that her favorite beach was "none of them, it's outrageous how much it costs to sit on them."


We were a little surprised that a beach that many people consider one the best in the world didn't receive more votes.  We're talking about Cape May and while it did get mentioned by several people, it definitely was not among the most popular.  Same goes for Atlantic City.

So what is the best beach on the Jersey Shore?  It seems like there is no clear answer to that question.  It might be one of the many great beaches on LBI.  Or it might be Ocean City.  Or Wildwood.  Or maybe it's a beach that we don't even know about.  As Natasha said, " I'm not saying, don't want more Bennies there."


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