If you are from Bucks County you have to be proud of all of the great talents that come out of that area. This time around, Morrisville should be extremely happy and proud because a Morrisville native was crowned Mrs. Penssylvania 2020.

According to Bucks County Courier Times, the Morrisville native, Marilisa Beatty, was crowned Mrs. Pennsylvania on August 23rd. Even though during the competition Marilisa Beatty was representing Phoenixville, her roots tie her to Morrisville. Bucks County Courier Times shared that she grew up in Morrisville with her parents, Victor and Marcella Mendoza.

We learned from Bucks County Courier Times that Marilisa Beatty attended Holy Trinity School and Conwell-Egan Catholic High School in Bucks County. Marilisa Beatty also received her master's degree from Villanova University.

So almost everything the Beatty has done has been here in our area. Morrisville has to be very proud of Marilisa Beatty's accomplishments.

Bucks County Courier Times also mentioned that now that Beatty won Mrs. Pennsylvania she will go on to represent the state at the Mrs. America 2020 competition. Mrs. America 2020 still does not have a set date for the competition.

If you want to know a fun fact about Mairilisa Beatty, we have one for you. It was mentioned in an Instagram post on @Mrs.PennsylvaniaAmerica_2020's page that you can actually be married by Mrs. Pennsylvania 2020 herself. The caption said, "Fun Fact 4: I can legally marry you."

Marilisa Beatty, everyone at PST wants you to know that we will be rooting for you while you are running for the Mrs. America 2020 title.

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