The Patch reports, a young 18 year old girl who is a freshman at Princeton University and originally from Mount Laurel is trying to get kids her age to join the Poll Hero Project. The Poll Hero Project was actually started by Princeton students and has now become a huge deal that even celebrities are backing. The encouragement to vote is everywhere, and with the pandemic, voting is going to be very different this year. Many people plan to vote by mail, but if they are intending on going to the polls, there is a shortage of poll workers and voters have been waiting in lines that are hours long just to vote early. The reason for this is because most poll workers are in a high risk group for contracting COVID-19, so many are not helping out this year. That's where the Poll Hero Project comes in. Olivia Cao is encouraging people her age in our area work the polls on election day and it's so easy to register. There are so many poll workers needed, so if you're interested, sign up!

I have felt that the something that will stop this virus from spreading, besides masks and social distancing, is compassion and selflessness. In the beginning of the pandemic, the White House Coronavirus Taskforce asked people to be selfless for others to protect those who are most prone to getting the virus and possibly even dying from it. Some people listened, others not so much, which is why Governor Murphy and other Governors ended up shutting down their states and economies. Now, with election day approaching in less than a month, we have to stop and think about those who work these polls year after year. A vast majority of them are senior citizens and people who's age group is considered at a high risk of contracting the virus. To see young people have compassion for an older age group warms my heart.

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