The Trentonian newspaper is moving out of Perry Street in Trenton, and will be doing business in Hamilton in the future, according to The Trentonian. The iconic building has been sold for $1.75 million.

Love it or hate it, people read it. The tabloid-like newspaper was created way back in 1946, and has been run out of the Perry Street location since 1965. Oh man, if those walls could talk. Lol. The Trentonian has never strayed away from controversy, and is often water cooler talk in area offices. My husband and I used to joke with my late father-in-law that he only read the paper to see the Page 6 Girl. He argued that he read it for the daily puzzles that he enjoyed solving. For those not familiar, each day the newspaper published a picture of a woman in a bikini. Do they still do that?

Until 2009, The Trentonian was created and printed on site. Since then, it's printed in Exton, PA, and delivered to Trenton. The Perry Street building has actually been vacant for months now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, with the dwindled staff all working from home.

The article says the sale of the building included an adjacent warehouse located at 39 Escher Street. Summit Gypsum Supply is in that warehouse, and will stay.

My buddy, Jeff Edelstein has worked there for years (since 1999) and is sad to see it go. Jeff, I didn't realize you met Kelly there. Love that. I want to hear the rest of the love story.

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