Have you ever been stuck home in a snowstorm and you can't enjoy being "snowed in" because all you're thinking about is the massive amounts of shoveling you'll have to do later? I think we've all been there! Wouldn't it be great if all those plows that plow the streets could plow your driveway as well? Well, pretty soon, you'll be able to! Soon you'll be able to order a snowplow, just like you order an Uber! Plowz & Mowz, a company based out of New York, has decided to bring their services to New Jersey!

This is how it works! You download their app, or go to their website and put in your destination and some details and BOOM! The owners of Plowz & Mowz say someone should be over in about 10 minutes! A local snowplower will come and plow yours or your loved ones driveway. This could definitely come in handy in you have older relatives or parents that need things plowed, but you're not able to get over there to help. They're calling it the "Uber of snowplowing."

Plowz & Mowz also does all kinds of yardwork and landscaping! So say you're entertaining friends and you don't have time to fix up the yard, just go to the app and Plowz & Mowz will come out the next day and take care of your chores for you! How amazing is that?

Plowz & Mowz has providers in 25 markets and are live in Bergen, Middlesex, Essex, Hudson and Passaic Counties. They should be expanding to Mercer County very soon! I am so calling them the next time the snow starts to fall!  The plows take forever to get to my apartment complex!

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