Jennifer Kirby has been a professional chef for 16 years. She is well aware of the food waste problem in the restaurant business, so in 2017, she decided to start Piggyback Treats, a sustainable dog treat company, to help combat food waste in the Philadelphia area.

The treats make use of food waste that is collected from local businesses and family farms, and turns it into healthy and high-quality treats for pets.

Kirby began selling her treats at farmers’ markets, and it quickly grew from there. Now, Piggyback Treats are sold in eight shops in Philly, and Kirby and her partner Chris work full-time at the company.

Some of their signature treats include Wild Caught Salmon Skins (which cats can eat too!), Heart Jerky, Peanut Butter Bier Bones, and much more. They work closely with local businesses to create special treats like Pumpkin Specialty Bones, which make use of leftover Halloween pumpkins from a Perkasie farm. They even sell handmade toys for cats and dogs.

Kirby said that she wanted to make a difference in the community, by helping business, the environment, and pet owners. Right now, they’re working on becoming even more sustainable, and always adding more treats to their menu.


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