Chris is always a believer in giving people a second chance (at least in most cases, assuming they are deserving, of course).

So when she got a note from Tim, who was very upfront about some of the bad choices he's made, she wanted to help because he had been working hard to redeem himself.

By the way, to be clear: Tim spent some time in prison for financial crimes. We met him on the air this morning. You can listen here:

So who did Chris set him up with? Yeah, she thinks Alyse is the girl for Tim. Alyse just moved here (permanently) from a small town in the Midwest. She's pastor's daughter, so she's probably an understanding girl.

Dave thinks that Chris should have told Alyse about Tim’s past, but Chris wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt. She figured it wasn’t her place to tell Alyse just yet.

What do you think? Did Alyse have the right to know?

Well, we’ll find out if Tim told her about his time spent in prison on their date this weekend pretty soon.

We’ll get the update on their Blind Date this Monday morning (July 15) at 7:05 pm. The easiest way to listen, of course, is on the free PST App. Click here to download it today.

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