Malls in Bucks County recently reopened and one of those was Oxford Valley Mall. Many people, like us, are probably asking what is actually open in the mall? Are all stores open or just some?

Over the weekend, we had a chance to go to Oxford Valley Mall to check out what was actually open and what wasn't. Let us just tell you, it was a little strange being at a mall again. Very limited stores were open.

Victoria's Secret, Express, Claire's, Kay Jewelers, American Eagle, and the Disney store were some of the major stores that were not open. They all had no sign of when they would reopen and be back in business.

Other stores had their doors shut but with signs stating the date when they plan to reopen.

Children's Place, even though it has been rumored to close multiple stores, as of now looks like the Oxford Valley Mall location is not one that is closing. They had a sign that said that they were reopening today, Monday, June 29.

For video-game lovers that miss taking a trip to GameStop, they are planning to reopen on Tuesday, June 30.

Credit: EeE

Loft, the lady’s clothing store, is opening its doors again on July 1st.

Credit: EeE

Bath and Body Works has still not opened their doors but will do so this Friday, July 3rd, according to the note on the main entrance door.

Credit: EeE

Pacific Sunwear is another store opening on July 3rd. They mentioned in a note on their door that they are looking forward to reopening this Friday.

Credit: EeE

Macy's, JCPenny, Foot Locker, and Forever21 were amongst some of the major stores opened and ready for business at Oxford Valley Mall.

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