Mother's Day is coming and with it the struggle of trying to find your mom the perfect gift. While some Moms are easy to buy for, others are a struggle.

My Mom would say "Don't buy me anything" but God forbid you didn't, not that you ever wouldn't. But if you're like me, you want to find the perfect gift. That's so hard to do for Mom because the older we get, the less we think about physical gifts.

Usually, when we want something, we just go out and get it ourselves. But there are some gifts for mom that can only come from her children, like the card or keepsake you made for her in school, which she probably still has somewhere.

Some people buy their mother expensive gifts which make them feel good, but as for what mom really wants, we asked our following and this is what they came up with.

Rita Fitzgerald-Veneziano

Time with my family and a nice meal that I have nothing to do with preparing. I’d like a break from cooking

Source Adobe Stock by makibestphoto
Source Adobe Stock by makibestphoto

Lana Benton

A weekend off, in a cabin by myself

Cara Santana

To really sleep in late have coffee in bed and a nice homemade breakfast, no fanfare

Source Adobe Stock by Soloviova Lidumyla
Source Adobe Stock by Soloviova Lidumyla

Michele Brown Schwartz

Sunshine and warm weather would be amazing!! But just spending it with my kids and husband will be perfect. With my feet up.

Veronica Spicer

To sleep in at least for a bit, a relaxing shower, and personally, I don't like all the fanfare of silly brunches. Let's go out for a BBQ or sit on the water for a relaxing lunch. My husband gave me my gift today. He cleaned the bedroom closet and dressers and made the room look brand new

Source Adobe Stock by Marina Andrewjchenko
Source Adobe Stock by Marina Andrewjchenko

Dana Casini

Time with my kids. I don't need stuff, I need to see my family.

Donna Blake Hacking

A day down the shore

Source Adobe Stock by T Photos Boutique
Source Adobe Stock by T Photos Boutique

Amy Spagnuolo Higgins

I don't need fancy gifts or a special dinner. I would just like to have a "normal" day with my family. These past few years have been so crazy and unpredictable that I long for the craziness and boring days that we used to have

Ellen Schnitzer

Making more Memories & quality time

Denise Burgess

Sharing moments with my kids!

Cinzia Senzamici

I don’t want to go to a crowded brunch. I want to have a nice family dinner at home.

Source Adobe Stock by Lightfield Studios
Source Adobe Stock by Lightfield Studios

Oriana Tafuri-Rinaldi

Someone to match all the mismatched socks!

Beth Coffey Fite

A day in new PJs in bed, watching whatever I want, and having no agenda. Oh, and bottomless mimosas with food.

Source Adobe Stock by Brent Hofacker
Source Adobe Stock by Brent Hofacker

Heather Zysk

Any kind of time spent with my kids and family.

Cindy Zwicker

Go out for breakfast by the ocean, hang at the beach, and bbq steaks for dinner with my daughter and son-in-law.

Source Adobe Stock by Alen Ajan
Source Adobe Stock by Alen Ajan

Janel Powers

To spend time with my family and to see my mom, who’s 80 years young!

Tinamarie Mejia

Someone to clean the whole house including doing the laundry, then go out with my kiddies for lunch

Jennifer Klein

Since you asked, I would really love someone to organize my house. I work so much and when I'm home I want to spend time with my family. Unless someone can give me more time, the next best thing is a few extra hands to get me organized.


A clean house. Like, actually clean. Not just one pile moved from one room to another.

Source Adobe Stock by Milan
Source Adobe Stock by Milan

April Fierro Suk

To wake up to a clean house, with all the laundry done (and put away) and all the grocery shopping done. Then I can spend the day relaxed and happy with my kids. Maybe a potted flower.

Gloria Manchester

Good food, good wine, and a laughter-filled day with my husband, kids, and grandbabies!!

Source Adobe Stock by Africa Studio
Source Adobe Stock by Africa Studio

Brenda Arline Carpio

Seeing the family....anywhere

Anne Gray Rainsford

Just a little time with my sons.

Audra McInerney Brennan

I like to spend time in the yard with my family if it’s nice out and bbq.

Source Adobe Stock by Fedorovacz
Source Adobe Stock by Fedorovacz

Marie Pagliarello Martinez

Spa day

Dana Russo

Sleep past 7, a hot cup of coffee, an hour long massage while my house is being cleaned then dinner with my husband & kids in our yard

Angela Fuzaylov

Break from cooking. Spend the entire day at the spa and end the day at a nice restaurant with my family.

Source Adobe Stock by Puhhha
Source Adobe Stock by Puhhha


A signed copy of Phil Murphy's resignation letter

Gail Morrone

To go see the B Street Band at Jenks

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