My husband and I just bought a house and let me tell you, we've been looking since January. The cost of living in New Jersey is extremely high and we could not find a house that we loved in our price range for months. We finally found one and we are actually going through proceedings right now with it, so keep your fingers crossed for us! Anyway, we settled in Mercer County which is way more affordable than Middlesex County, where we both grew up, and it's cool because a well known town in Mercer County has actually just made a national list for being an affordable town to live in.

According to Business Insider, Yardville was the town in New Jersey that was named the most affordable for a small town. I know tons of people who live there! The towns that made the list had between 5 and 20,000 people How they determined that these small  towns were affordable ad to do with their household income and if they paid 30% less of their income on costs of their houses. Even when you check Niche, Yardville does very well there too as far as a great town to live in. Go Yardville!

See the most affordable small towns in the entire country here.

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