This now Airbnb in South Jersey was rated as the weirdest listing on the website.

If you’re looking to take a trip to Atlantic City, you can stay in this ginormous, wooden elephant Airbnb, which is nothing like I’ve ever seen before!

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It’s located in Margate City, NJ, and is completely decked out in the most beautiful decor. It’s listed on the website as a 2 guest space having 1 bedroom, 1 bed, and 1 private bath.

It’s insane to look at these pictures because this space is literally a huge elephant-shaped house in the middle of a row of normal-looking houses.

It’s listed by the owner as a 139-year-old elephant named Lucy who calls the Jersey Shore her home.


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I had no idea this place existed, but I’m so glad I do now! If you choose to spend a night or two with Lucy the elephant, you’ll get beach access, beachfront views, Wifi, Free parking, air conditioning, and also TV during your stay.

Something amazing that this owner does is that they donate money toward the Save Lucy Committee which is a nonprofit organization.

This house has a fun, victorian vibe and is very historic! Lucy was built by a real estate developer in 1881 who had the idea of building a home in the shape of an elephant to attract potential buyers.

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If you’re looking to stay at Lucy The Elephant, it’s an extremely exclusive experience apparently.

The host does raffles for people to get the chance to stay here and as of now, it’s nearly impossible to get a booking.

If you see a night open up for this spot, you have to act quickly because availability is limited.

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