There are three NJ towns that are going to be beginning their plastic bag ban this weekend. According to New Jersey 101.5, the towns participating in this ban are Brigantine, Avalon, and Stone Harbor.

Apparently there are going to be fines from $5-$500 based on the location for anyone seen distributing plastic bags. Local supermarkets, food marts, and restaurants are not allowed to provide customers with bags that are made of plastic. New Jersey 101.5 also mentions that in Avalon, they are not only not allowed to give out plastic bags, but they also can’t distribute straws or Styrofoam food containers.

According to Philly Voice, the purpose of banning plastic bags is to decrease pollution in oceans and beaches. This ban is going to begin this weekend, so make sure you bring your own reusable bags when heading out to the stores. Also, keep an eye out because other towns are planning to implement these laws in the future

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