You've probably heard of Bury the Hatchet and the art of axe throwing. I took my husband a few years ago for his birthday and he loved it. Of course he was so good at it, they even started teaching him how to throw two axes at a time. I wasn't surprised, it was totally his jam. I was okay at it, definitely hit the target and even a few bullseyes. It was fun just the two of us, but we definitely wanted to go back with a group of people. You're allowed to bring alcohol and you have your own bays and instructors to guide you through a fun and sometime stress relieving experience.

Bury the Hatchet in the Lawrence Shopping Center is fairly new to the area, but I know pre-pandemic they were crawling with people and I hope now that things have gotten better with the pandemic, I hope more and more people are checking them out. One of their posts on their Facebook page caught my eye and with more and more people wanting to entertain outside these days, I think it's an awesome idea.

For just $999, you can have Bury the Hatchet bring their axe throwing trailer to your event with two axe masters to instruct all your guests. I'm thinking if you have a big driveway or maybe if you live across the street from a parking lot, or hey if you have a big yard that the trailer won't get stuck in, you could totally have them pull the trailer right up for you and your guests to enjoy some axe throwing safely outside in the open air.

For more info, reach out to Bury the Hatchet Princeton at or call them at 609-337-2557.


Restaurants Hiring in Mercer County

Unemployment rates have gone down for the first time since the pandemic, but there are still a lot of people looking for jobs. As more and more people get vaccinated and state restrictions are being lifted, people are going out more, especially to restaurants. My family and I did some outdoor dining a few weeks ago on a nice night and the restaurant was slammed. I feel like they were not prepared for the rush that came in. I see signs on so many windows that say "Help Wanted" or "Now Hiring" and I wanted to highlight a few of those restaurants if you or anyone you know if looking for a job.

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