New Jersey’s Twitter account, @NJGov, has increased its number of followers by injecting sass, Jersey-centric themes and jokes, making for yet another unique attribute for the Garden State.

Megan Coyne and Pearl Gabel, the masterminds behind the state’s tweets, run the account with knowledge only self-proclaimed Jersey girls would know.  All the weird truths, stereotypes and state arguments that the state has built up over the years of being called “the armpit of America” and “dirty Jersey” are being rethought into clever social media content.

Some tweets read, “armpit what,” Hi haters” and “dirty jerz.”  Short and to the point.

Coyne, a digital assistant in the governor’s office said to the New York Times, “New Jersey’s been kind of the butt of national jokes for so long.  It has not the best reputation among people, and we really wanted to change that.”

Along with her boss, Gabel, the duo has been working over the past two years to channel their love for Jersey into a fun, unique social media account.



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