Not too long ago, a black bear was found in someone’s pool and this weekend, another bear was seen walking across the street in broad daylight.

Police officials were notified of the bear sighting when a startled resident managed to film a video of the bear from their car. One man told KYW News, “They’re all over the place,” in reference to the multiple bear sightings in his area.

This weekend, officials attempted to capture the bear but ultimately failed, leaving the bear on the loose and residents at risk. As of Monday, June 10, the Pennsylvania Game Commission, or PGC, is still attempting to locate the animal in order to find a more suitable habitat.

The PGC advises that people take the proper precautions to avoid attracting bears such as:

  • Do not put trash out until the morning
  • Bring pet food in at night
  • Make sure grills are completely empty and free of grease

Stay safe out there!

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