Even before I moved to the East Coast there was always this stigma that everyone out here was always mean and angry. I highly disagree with that. Everyone here in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are such amazing people and no, they are not always mean.

There was a survey done by Alcohol.org to find the angriest states in America for the year 2020. The survey "America’s Angriest States in 2020" shows how many "anger episodes" a week every state has and New Jersey seems to be on the average part of the list.

According to Alcohol.org, 11 states including both New Jersey and Pennsylvania have about 7 anger episodes a week. That is pretty average because 16 states average 6 anger episodes a week.

The only state in the United States of America with 2 anger episodes in a week is Hawaii, according to Alcohol.org. It sounds like they are always happy.

Now, let's try to figure out what makes New Jerseyans so angry. Here is a list of things that you may agree with.

  • Being quarantined for almost a whole year
  • Never-ending road work
  • Potholes on the roads that cause you to get flat tires
  • Pennsylvania drivers (I always hear everyone saying that)
  • Getting cut off by a deer

Many people also probably get angry when you have to debate between pork roll and Taylor ham.

So, in reality, there are many reasons why New Jersey residents can get angry. It was stated on Alcohol.org that to create the list of  "America’s Angriest States in 2020" they had to survey 3,003 Americans across the country.

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