Yesterday’s crazy weather has ticked off a lot of people, but not for the reason you may think.

Yesterday in Mercer County, New Jersey a tornado touched down in West Windsor and Lawrence Township and unfortunately, it did some damage in the towns.

Luckily, nobody was hurt but some viewers of Channel 6 were not too happy to be receiving updates.

Some viewers of the Channel were not happy that the updates on the Mercer County tornado interrupted their daily dose of General Hospital. General Hospital has been a soap opera that has been on the channel since the 60s and of course, has picked up millions of fans over the years, so they took to Twitter to show their frustrations shortly after the episode was interrupted.


The tornado hit Mercer County around 3:30 pm yesterday. We knew we were in for some inclement weather, but once the hail that was the size of ice cubes started hitting our houses we all sort of knew it was a bit more serious than we thought.

The tornado touched down a warning was in effect for the  Mercer County area. When channel 6 got ahold of the news, they of course sent out an alert that a tornado had touched down in the area.

Some viewers in Philadelphia were very upset about the tornado warning interrupting their show because of how far they were from Mercer County. I’ve seen a few tweets over the last few hours about this and it’s been very back and forth on both sides of the argument between these channel 6 viewers.

They’ve been tweeting channel 6's reporters all day long arguing if it was necessary to send the alert to people outside of the immediate Mercer County area. Only in Philly!

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