One day before the event was to take place, the Robbinsville Community Day Festival has been CANCELED, according to a Robbinsville Township Facebook post, but the fireworks are still on.

Robbinsville Mayor and Director of Public Safety, David Fried, announced that due to COVID-19 outbreaks in all three of the Robbinsville Township Public Schools and the cases in the town going up, the cancellation was necessary. The festival was scheduled for tomorrow (Saturday, September 18th) at Community Park.

Fried released a statement saying, "We're obviously incredibly disappointed and heartbroken about this sudden development, as we were really looking forward to getting back to normalcy. However, the safety of our residents is paramount and comes before everything else. I know how disappointed many of you must be, but, I cannot in good conscience move forward with this event in light of this outbreak. We wish a speedy recovery to all those infected and we will continue to work to ultimately break the back of this virus."

The good news is the fireworks will still go off around 8pm. All attending are now being asked to stay in their cars and keep a safe social distance from all others.

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