We gathered the 94.5 PST staff around the fireplace this evening to share their favorite Christmas memories. It's our little holiday gift to you this Christmas. From barbie vans being destroyed to dogs meeting Santa Claus this is what Christmas means to us.

We hope you enjoy these holiday memories from the 94.5 PST air staff:

CHRIS - All I wanted for Christmas when I was 7 years old was a Barbie van. My Barbie already had a Corvette, but naturally, she needed the van to road trip with her friends. So, I tried so hard to be good that year... which wasn’t always the easiest for me.

Christmas morning: I got my wish! Santa brought me the coolest Barbie van ever. However, as my dad was cleaning up the living room from all the wrapping paper and boxes, he tripped, fell, and crushed the Barbie van (and my dreams of awesome Barbie road trips) into a million pieces.

It was a great morning. Thanks Dad.

DAVE (from Chris & The Crew) - One of my favorite Christmas memories happened when I was around 7 years old.  Me, my older brother, and sister were way into music that year.  We were always playing music and pretending we were in a band, so my brother and I asked Santa to bring us guitars, and my sister asked for a tambourine.

Well, Santa must have been a little tired that Christmas Eve, because he put the tambourine in my brother's pile of gifts and one of the guitars in my sister's pile.  My sister really wanted that tambourine, so she threw a fit on Christmas morning. But once my brother got his hands on that thing, he wasn't letting it go.  He's now known as the world's best tambourine player.  OK...that last part isn't true, but he could really play the &*$% out of that tambourine!

Boy Playing Tambourine at Nursery
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TIFFANY (from Chris & The Crew) - My parents divorced when I was very young. Each year we'd sleep over one parent's house on Christmas Eve. We'd wake up, open presents at their house, then get picked up and go to the other's house for the rest of Christmas Day. The following year it would switch and so on and so on.

One year, while my brother and I were at my Dad's house, I was sleeping in the room with our dog, Patches. Patches was a good girl, but she very protective (especially of me and my brother). I couldn't sleep with my door closed, because I was scared of the dark (and I still am, by the way).

I was actually crying all night because I thought my dog Patches would bite Santa when he came to bring us presents. My Dad told me not to worry and that Santa was very good with dogs, so he said Patches would be fine. I finally got so tired that I fell asleep.

Well, sure enough, the next morning, Patches was still lying next to me when I woke up and there were presents under the tree. My dad was right, Santa must be really good with dogs.

ADAM (From Chris & The Crew) - When I was younger I remember Power Rangers being on the top of my wishlist. I also have a memory of "Santa's helper" (my mom) went crazy looking for them.  It got to the point where my school's PTA got involved. Parents and a teacher got together to hunt down these Power Ranger figures.

So when it came time and Santa finally came down the chimney to bring our gifts, my brother and I were so excited to see Power Rangers placed under our stockings on the floor by the fireplace .

As I got closer, it hit me and I yelled "Santa messed up. I wanted the blue one."

In the end, it didn't matter because we ended up collecting all of them and their Zords.

By the way, some families made sugar cookies and gingerbread men and houses around Christmas time. My family made Greek traditional cookies like kourambiethes (butter cookies that have tons of powder sugar on them. It almost looks like they're covered in snow) and finikia/melomakarona (which cinnamon, sugar, honey drench cookie). Say those names three times fast. They don't roll off the tongue, but they do taste delicious.

Saban's Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Balloon at the 91st Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Parade
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CARMEN (from the midday)-  I remember when I was able to finally afford to buy really cool Christmas gifts for my family. It was special to me because what I was planning on getting them.

I knew it was actually something the would really love and use every day.

My mom is obsessed with YouTube, so I bought her a laptop and my brother loves playing video games and watching Sports Center, so I got him a TV.

Guess what? They still use those gifts every day! #Winning

eEe (from afternoons) - By far the Christmas I will never forget is the Christmas of 2011. It was a rough year for my family and me, but it was also our best holiday ever. That's confusing I know.

But it was the year that my father was diagnosed with cancer. After many struggles, my family and I got the best news we could ever have asked for. My father was told he was cancer free. My favorite Christmas ever!

Christmas Wrapping paper
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Wade (from the weekend) - One of my favorite Christmas memories is from when I was 7 years old. Each Christmas Eve, my brother and I were allowed to open one present each, and it was mom’s pick. It was nothing major. Just a taste to get us through the night.

So one year, that strategy sort of backfired on my parents, as my brother and I just couldn’t make it through the night. No clocks in our shared bedroom, so we had to go on our internal clocks, which for 7 and 9 year olds, don’t exist.

We went to the top of the steps to scope out the tree. Yup, presents were there. It was still dark out so we knew it was early, but decided to take a shot. As we creaked open our parent's bedroom door, we could see through their window just how dark out it was. We shook the bed a little on our Mom’s side of the bed (our best shot) to wake her up. It was then, through, her barely audible sleep voice that we learned just how ‘not’ morning it was. 3:30 AM. Oh no.

We retreated to our bedroom and tried to go back to sleep.  Not. A. Chance.

Our next great plan of attack was to entertain ourselves in the loudest way we could, so we grabbed the Chinese Checkers board game. I’m pretty sure we had no idea how to play, but it was big, made of metal and had marbles that made a TON of noise (especially when you were wailing those things hard). By 4:30 am, the white flag was finally waved, and my brother and I were victorious!

Mom went down to put on coffee and would soon give us the green light to run down the stairs and begin our paper tearing frenzy.

Not good times. The best times!

Merry Christmas from the 94.5 PST family to yours!

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