The Trenton-Mercer Airport could expand soon, but the Bucks County Courier Times reports reports that some locals are concerned.

Right now, the airport is less than 25,000 square feet, but the proposal could make the airport four times larger (totaling over 125,000 square feet) in terminal space and more.

The entire project would take years, but locals are concerned about the environmental impact of adding more planes to the area, the Courier Times reports. 

The proposal, which could be a 20 year expansion project, would increase the number of planes flying in and out and the airport each day.

Locals, however, are concerned about the environmental impact of adding more planes to the area (including those in Pennslyvania).
There is a virtual hearing in June where the public can attend virtually and much will be discussed and approved. More information about the airport expansion can be found here.

I flew out of Trenton- Mercer airport when we went to my bachelorette party in Nashville. It was me, and four other girls on Frontier Airlines to spend the weekend in Nashville Tennessee and we had no idea what we were getting into.

The airport was awesome, the flight was great and we loved how small it was and how easy it was to get on the plane. We even thought it was super cute that you get to board the plane out on the runway in the open air. I think that was the coolest part. It was an amazing trip and I know people are always looking to fly out of Trenton when they book trips, so I think an expansion might be good.

I do hope they do not get to be a huge airport because I think that's what people like about it, it's smaller than the bigger ones and much easier to travel to many destinations.

Restaurants Still Doing To-Go Cocktails

With so many people getting vaccinated and COVID-19 cases and deaths going down at a rapid rate, the President as well as Governors are reopening this country little by little. We're now allowed to sit at bars again and the CDC just announced that if you are vaccinated, you not longer have to wear a mask indoors. This was huge news and I can only hope that this country bounces back from the devastating economic crisis that the pandemic has caused.

I was reading an article online the other day from Food & Wine that said to-go cocktails are still going to be a thing after the pandemic is over and I have to say, I agree.

Some people do not have a full stocked bar like I do. My husband used to be a bartender and we like having happy hours and drinks. So if they want a specific cocktail or some sangria, it might be very convenient to order a cocktail to-go and take it home. That way, they don't have to worry about driving and they still are supporting a local business or restaurant.

I found a bunch of restaurants that are still doing cocktails to go in our area, so if this is your jam, I've got you covered.

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