At the beginning of July, Pabst Blue Ribbon (known to everyone as PBR) announced that they were getting into the coffee business. PBR said their hard coffee drink would have 5% Alcohol and 30 milligrams of caffeine.

Many people wondered how this coffee drink would taste because PBR isn't exactly known as a fantastic beer to begin with. I'm not a beer girl and I don't like coffee, so this is not up my alley, but if you like both, this may be a drink for you to try out.

In fact,'s Jeremy Schneider tried out the hard coffee and here's what he thought.

According to his post on, now you can get the hard coffee in New Jersey and Pennsylvania as well.

To see if your local liquor store carries it, check out Pabst Blue Ribbon's website, and put in your location and find where Pabst Blue Ribbon hard coffee is available near you.

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